A Christian editor helping writers transform their words for the kingdom.

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Changing what an author intends is never my intention. Because I’m an author too, I strive to connect to my clients in a way that creates a relationship. If I know my author in a personal way, I can get into their head and understand what they hope to convey with their words. When author and editor are simpatico, the words flow from the page in a pleasing way, helping the reader to delve into and connect with the story. And when you hire me, you get the whole package.

As an editor, I work with authors to refine their novels by connecting with the author, delving deep into the book, and polishing.

As a coach, I teach new writers the ins and outs of the writing process, help with writing structure, grammar, and punctuation, and assist with publishing and social media advice.

As a speaker, I educate, encourage, and direct writers.

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4 thoughts on “A Christian editor helping writers transform their words for the kingdom.

  1. What do you charge for reviewing a script to determine its viability for publishing ?

    1. I can provide a free sample edit of 2000 words (depending on the length of your manuscript) as an evaluation. Please go to my contact page and send me a message so we can discuss further. 🙂

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